Black Top Racing was formed in 2008 but at that time it was known by the name Top Line Group Automotive. The original name was designed to allow several companies to work together to accomplish different things that most companies can't do on their own. The vision a reality when the company was renamed Top Line Group, LLC in 2012 and the company defined several different divisions of the company: Top Line Group, LLC is comprised of a sports car parts sales division (Black Top Racing), a truck and offroad lighting sales division (Headlight Revolution), a wholesale automotive lighting distribution division (12v Lighting Wholesale), a structural lighting consulting and sales division (Bemidji LED), and we have an in-house photography company and videography company to help bring unique and custom tailored content to our customers through blogging, social media, YouTube channels and our websites.

Today, Black Top Racing is more than just a lighting sales company specializing in the Pontiac Fiero platform. We offer the best of the best in aftermarket performance and accessory products for specific 2-seat, rear-wheel-drive sports cars along with some high-quality custom-tailored lighting solutions for the vehicle markets that we focus on. The company was started by offering a unique focus on high-quality next-generation lighting technology, and today we also have the ability to help customers to successfully and tastefully modify their cars performance aspects as well as lighting and accessories. We are excited to offer the whole package.

We are not a huge company, but we are big enough to make things happen. We work hard and believe in doing what's right for our customers, and we believe that we have to earn your business, we don't deserve anything just because we exist. When you buy anything from any of the Top Line Group, LLC stores, you are hiring us to help you upgrade your driving experience. We share your passion for your car and we are here to help.