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Black Top Racing FR-S LED DRL Upgrade Level 2


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Upgrade your OEM halogen DRL bulb inside the headlights to a bright and crisp white LED. This LED upgrade is the BRIGHTEST LED option in the world right now, producing 3,700 Lumens of light! Also, these new LED bulbs will better match aftermarket or stock HID headlights, and will be brighter than the original bulbs.



What's included:
1 pair of factory-replacement high-power LED Bulbs


Previously, this kit used the GTR Lighting GEN 2 LED Bulbs. Beginning December 2016, this kit will ship with the GTR Lighting GEN 3 LED Fog light bulbs.

The GTR Lighting GEN 3 Ultra Series LED Headlight Bulbs are the brightest LED headlight and fog light bulbs on the market. They have a more precise beam pattern hot spot than any others, the fit more vehicle applications better than others, and they use less wattage, and less Lumen than others but create significantly more light! 

Adjustable Mounting Collar: Single Beam, Yes.
Raw Lumen Per Bulb: 3,700 
Effective Lumen Per Bulb: 1,800 
Max Lux at 3 Meters: 5,000 
Amp Draw: Single Beam Bulb 2.1 Amps at 14 VDC 
Single Beam Bulb Dimension:
Bulb Tip Diameter: 15.75mm 
Bulb Stem Mounting Depth (Collar Base up to Bulb Tip): 53.30mm 
Bulb Heat Sink Mounting Depth (Collar Base down to Heat Sink Base): 35.70mm 
Heat Sink Dimensions: 31.42mm Tall x 44.93mm Deep x 36.75mm Wide 
Cord Length: 21.5 Inches
Warranty: Lifetime No-Questions-Asked Warranty 

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