BTR Pontiac Fiero 4x10 into 5.25" Front Dash Speaker Adapters

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The Pontiac Fiero comes with oval shaped 4x10" front speakers in the dash and no matter what brand of 4x10" speaker you get, no matter how much money you spend on them you will never get GREAT sound and you will never get longevity. 4x10" speakers don't sound as good as round speakers and 4x10" speakers don't last as long as round speakers.

These 4x10" into 5.25" speaker adapters allow you to fit one 5.25" speaker in each location in your Fiero's dashboard factory locations.

NOTE: These speaker adapters are vehicle specific - they will only fit the Pontiac Fiero. They will work on all years and sub models of the Fiero.

If you use a speaker that has a basket that is too large it may be required to trim part of the Fiero dash that gets hidden by the adapter plate during install.

The opening for the 5.25" speaker is pre-cut. There is space next to the large opening for a tweeter that you need to cut out yourself.

Oval speakers tend to distort (at higher volumes) in the lower bass frequencies much faster than a round speaker would. The performance difference between an oval and a round speaker are related to bass response rather than mids and highs.

Speakers were never intended to be oval. Have you ever noticed how high-end component sets usually always have round drivers? Very few companies produce oval component sets. The oval speaker was designed by the automotive companies kind of as a marketing ploy to "Fit MORE speaker in a smaller space" All that they did was create poor sounding speakers. This kit for sale allows you to fix the OEM mistakes in the sound system.

Round speakers will produce a clearer sound, due to the fact that they are symmetrical. The signal is dispersed throughout the speaker evenly, creating a sound that is synchronized. The oval speakers utilize speaker surface area to create deeper sounds. The oval speaker will not be as clear, but will produce louder frequencies. Most people that want better sound will always rather have the round speaker just because they sound more crisp and clear.
The adapters come with the large off set holes pre-cut, and the rough opening is 5.25" diameter. These plates also allow you to fit a separate tweeter for your 5.25" speakers.

Parts List:
Pair of 1/8" ABS Plastic 4x10 into 5.25" speaker adapter plates

Some speaker sets that have been said to work for other Fiero owners are:
Infinity Kappa 50.9cs 5-1/4" component speaker system
Infinity Kappa 50.7cs 5-1/4" component speaker system

Not only does the mounting depth need to be around 2-3/16" to fit, it also cannot have a tall sitting tweeter because that will interfere with the speaker cover. If your vent system for the heater is getting in the way of your speaker magnets please consider using a heat gun and forcing the plastic channel down, it should bend and press in place.

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