BTR Pontiac Fiero LED Trunk Light Housing LVL 2

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Fiero Trunk Light LED

Most Fieros have a damaged trunk light housing, and many didn't come with a trunk light at all! If you want the luxury of LED lighting OR just a new trunk light housing that will last for years, then this is what you need:

Our Fiero LED Trunk Light Housing features 24 LED chips mounted inside the plastic housing and fits the Fiero trunk light opening perfectly. There are two installation procedure options:
1) Tap into the factory trunk-light wiring with the new wire harness (supplied) and the install takes seconds.
2) Use the supplied wire harness and run your own wiring to a switch to operate it if you don't have an original trunk light already.

The kit comes with the following parts:
Fiero-Specific Trunk Light Housing with Built-In LEDs
(2) Wire Taps for easy installation
2-Pin Wire Harness
Vehicle-Specific Install Instructions with Pictures

The install job is very easy and anyone with a pair of pliers can do it!

Never replace your trunk light again, and enjoy years of trouble-free high performance LED lighting!

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