BTR Wiper Motor and Arm Delete Kit for Nissan 300zx


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Fits all years of Z32 Nissan 300zx cars. This kit is milled from billet aluminum and anodized black for a paint-ready finish. Comes with gasket, plug and underside mounting retainer for a quick and easy install.

This kit will remove nearly 8 pounds of extra weight from your car all while sealing up the hole where your wiper motor and wiper arm used to be located. If you're looking to make your car lighter, take out the wiper arm and motor and add our delete kit!

NOTE: This product is made from anodized aluminum. Black anodizing is an effective coating but is easily damaged by UV rays from the sun. It is best practice to pain the metal plug to match your car's paint. If you do not, you run the risk of discoloration, which will not be covered under warranty.

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