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LED Reverse Light Bulbs - 1984 - 1988 Pontiac Fiero LED Light Bulbs Upgrade


Works the same on Notchback and Fastback model Fieros
One pair of "HD" 6w 1156 LED bulbs that will replace your stock 1156 incandescent bulbs for reverse lights on notchback or fastback Pontiac Fieros. Plug and play, 5 minute install, no modifications required. Plug in and enjoy more light than you've ever had in your Fiero reverse lights!


The problem with 1156 style LED bulbs on the market is they don't fit the Fiero bulb sockets very well. Even some of the other 1156 LED bulbs we sell don't fit. Black Top Racing is committed to the Fiero community and we now offer one that fits and it works GREAT!


Kit comes with one pair of 1156 6w LED bulb replacements Each bulb uses 4 Ultra High Power LEDs Single Beam: 240 lumens

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