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LED Tail Light Bulbs - 2001 Honda S2000 LED Upgrade Kit

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Your original S2000 tail light bulbs are not very bright, they're a dingy red color, and they could be a lot brighter with LED! A lot of LED bulbs out there are not any brighter (or sometimes less bright...) than the original incandescent bulb, so we tested a bunch of LED bulbs in the Honda S2000 tail lights and found a couple options that are WAY brighter than stock! Now you can have a more vibrant red tail light at night, better brake lights, and use less energy in your electrical system. If you upgrade to high power LED bulbs from GTR Lighting, your tail light bulbs will allow others to see you sooner, notice that you're braking easier, and increase the style of your tail lights all together by making them a better looking deep-red color!

Our Honda S2000 vehicle specific LED tail light bulb kit comes with a pair of plug and play super bright red LED bulbs. The install is a breeze, especially after you watch our videos. Take out the old bulb and install the new one, test, and drive!

What's Included:
2 Vehicle Specific GTR Lighting LED Bulbs, White



1 Year
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