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LVL 1 LED TRUNK LIGHT BULB - 1984 - 1988 Pontiac Fiero LED Light Upgrade

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This LED works with both notchback or fastback Fieros!


The OEM incandescent trunk light bulb in the Fiero runs hot, is prone to failure
and draws enough current amperage to kill your battery in a matter of
hours if left unattended in your garage or at a car show.


Now, you don't
have to rig it to shut off when you're displaying it or working on it
because the LED replacement draws a minor amount of electricity! The new
light replacement also produces a much more white light output and a
far greater amount of light output. Factory replacement bulb, OEM fit!


This is a new design for the Fiero LED trunk light bulb, it is designed to fit inside the factory Fiero trunk light housing much better than the old style.
It is a direct replacement light bulb using the factory light housing.

Length: 1.75" or 44mm 9 SMT LED

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