Open Breather Conversion Kit - VQ35HR


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This kit replaces OEM PCV system

- Completely eliminates oil consumption through the intake tract as well as the ancillary octane reduction

- Helps keep ports/valves clean and free flowing

- 4x the venting area compared to stock (bolt on), over 10x the venting area when combined with drilled valve cover mod

- Ideal for NA engines

- Not recommended for use with FI engines

- Includes rubber caps to plug aftermarket intake tubes

- Optional 5/8" aluminum plugs required for stock and other rubber/silicone aftermarket intakes

- Optional 45 degree AN fitting should you not like the look of how the 90 fits

- This must be specifically requested

- Picture includes all possible options. Your kit will only come what what is required.

- Base kit is designed for most aftermarket intakes. Please check variants for OEM, Silicone or Admin Tuning intakes