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PON TIAC TAIL LIGHT BULBS - 1986 - 1988 Pontiac Fiero Brake Light Bulbs Upgrade


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Upgrade your dim Fastback Fiero tail lights with high-power LED bulbs!

New technology allows you to have brighter, more crisp lighting in your tail lights for the Pontiac Fiero!

This kit will replace the four regular bulbs that light up the "PON" and "TIAC" portion of your tail lights. These LEDs come in red. The color white is brighter but red looks better because it does not wash out the red lens on the tail light housing. Other colors are available for special requests, just contact us.


Less heat but more light - can't be beat. This kit uses 2 pairs (4 bulbs total) of LED bulbs. Plug and play, no messing around!


24 LED Chips per Bulb
Power Draw: 0.13 Amps at 12VDC
1.6 Watts Per Bub
Raw Lumen Output: 175 Lumens


Fits only "fastback" style Fiero tail light housings.


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