Pontiac Fiero Custom Dashboard Glove Box

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Fits all years and models of Pontiac Fiero - quick DIY installation.

Custom made glove box. Mounts in place of the original map pocket up on the dash using a few self-tapping screws. Very secure!
Can be made in all one color, or the top to match the dash top and the front to match the lower dash.
Made with high-quality leather-style vinyl! You pick the style, and colors then install is done in minutes! The map pocket will be removed and in it`s place you will receive a piece of Black ABS plastic with double sided tape attached.
Please contact us with custom or special orders!

Black Top Racing Custom Fiero Interior Colors
Click the colors above for info on Fiero years the different colors were present and to see color samples.
Light Gray: 1984-1985
Dark Gray: 1986-1988
Saddle: 1985-1987
Light Beechwood: 1988
Dark Beechwood: 1988
Charcoal: 1986-1988
Prairie Tan (Yellowish Light Tan): 1987
Dark Brown: 1984-1988
Doeskin (Light Tan): 1984 = Choose and replace with Saddle
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