Pontiac Fiero Custom Door Panel Upholstery Kit WITHOUT Stitching - Flat Style

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SHOW OFF YOUR INTERIOR! This kit features a flat vinyl look without linese stitched in.

Fits all years and models of Pontiac Fiero - quick DIY installation.

This custom door panel DIY kit is designed to take the place of the carpet found on the lower portion of the Fiero door panel.
Simple install:
1. Remove Door Panel
2. Remove Carpet
3. Install New Covering
4. Replace Door Panel

The front is held in place with Velcro and the back gets glued to rear side of the door panel.
Hand stitched in the USA and built to order. Contact us for custom designs and other stitching options, or choose from the options above.
This kit includes two door panel covers (left and right) and installation instructions.

Please contact us with custom or special orders!

Black Top Racing Custom Fiero Interior Colors
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