Pontiac Fiero Digital Dash Kit

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This is a full kit designed to not require any other pieces to make it work and there are two different styles:

The BASE MODEL package includes 5 gauges:

- Main
dash gauge conversion which includes a digital Tachometer,
Speedometer, Fuel, and Water Temperature gauges. Also, there is either an
Oil Pressure or Voltmeter gauge below the tachometer depending on the
year of your car.
- Designed specifically for the Fiero (not adapted from another car).
- Easily mount inside the factory gauge housing after removing the original gauges.
- Tinted Plexiglas panel perfectly replaces the factory panel.
- Available in either full English (MPH) or Metric (KPH) display versions.
- Factory indicators are retained: turn signal, brake, high beam, etc..
- Bright displays for the best contrast in sunlight.
- Tachometer and Speedometer have a light bar-graph style indicator that wraps around the numbers for quick glance readings.
- Factory odometer is retained.
- Complete installation instructions and any needed mounting hardware is included.
- All gauges use the factory sensors for easy installation.
- All Gauges dim when either the parking and/or headlights are turned on.
Labels for all gauges are lit and they will flash when any readings are
out of range (Ex. temp too high, oil press too low, etc…).
- All Microprocessor controlled.
- 5 year Warranty.
Short installation time of about 3 to 4 hours with minimal
modifications (only a few wires to connect and a 1/2” piece of plastic
to cut.

The GT/Formula/SE package includes 6 gauges (Price increase of $70.00):

This package includes everything that is in the Base Package with the addition of:

- Center dash gauge (Aux Gauges) conversion including a digital Volt Meter and Oil Pressure gauge.
- Tinted Plexiglas panel to perfectly replace the factory panel.
- Additional installation time of about 1/2 hour.

Note: For the GT/Formula/SE version there will not be a gauge below the tachometer to match the factory GT gauge layout.

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