Pontiac Fiero GT Clear Front Turn Signal Covers

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The openings in the front bumper of the Fiero GT for the turn signals and parking lights get a stealthy treatment with our clear flush lenses. Installed using a tension clip from underneath (sold separately, or choose from the options to add to your order), no need to remove the bumper.

This product was originally invented by Kris Munson but since he passed this product has been brought back to the market in his memory. These turn signal covers are available in a clear acrylic from a vacuum form mould.

Made in the USA, the covers are made from 3mm Acrylite FF. While Lexan is more impact resistant than acrylic, acrylic is more scratch resistant than lexan, and does not turn yellow with UV exposure. Light scratches in acrylic can be removed with Novus #2 or #3 plastic polish. These smoke covers can be used on show cars or daily drivers but check your local laws regarding smoked lenses over safety equipment before operating on public roadways! For replacement retainer clips, use GM #15999788 . This kit includes two clear GT bumper flush lens covers (Left and Right Specific). Mounting clips sold separately.

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