VQ35HR or VQ37VHR Rear Timing Cover Gallery Gasket Kit


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If you are experiencing low oil pressure at idle or low rpm, have excessive VCT noise, P0011 or P0021 codes then you need to check this. These oil gallery plates are often overlooked even on a rebuild as the FSM states not to remove them. Unfortunately we have found that these gaskets blow out or simply seep oil effectively lowering your oil pressure with no loss of oil or other signs.

This problem can be as obvious as a blown out gasket but we've also found that gaskets that look fine from the outside also have issues due to the screw head fasteners used from the factory loosening up over time and causing the oil to seep out, especially at the extremities of the plate. See the picture below. Don't let your fresh rebuild start off with oil pressure problems. We highly recommend to anyone that is removing the timing cover to at a minimum inspect these galleries and ideally replace these gaskets and the OEM fasteners that are hard to torque properly and uniformly across the plate.

Included in the kit: - Steel reinforced upper gasket - Steel reinforced lower gasket - Upper plate o-rings - Replacement hardware that can be properly torqued down